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Getting The Benefits You Are Owed For Work-Related Back Injury Claims

Every worker in Minnesota is at risk for a back injury. Back injuries are some of the most frequent, and unfortunately serious, injuries sustained on the job. Injuries to the lower back are very common. Depending on the location and severity of your back injury, you may not be able to return to your job […]

Maximizing Your Recovery For Shoulder And Arm Injuries At Work

Arm injuries are among the most debilitating workplace injuries. For individuals whose arms have been mangled, dismembered or seriously injured in another way, the workers’ compensation system can be especially challenging. While workers’ compensation benefits are supposed to provide coverage for lost wages and medical care, all too often individuals can find themselves battling with […]

Airline Worker Injuries

Airline workers keep us moving, making sure airplanes are stocked with food and fuel, and our baggage is efficiently loaded. Yet all too often, injured airline workers face challenges getting the workers’ compensation benefits they deserve after an accident on the job. Airlines and their suppliers routinely deny claims in an effort to save money. […]