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How Do I Maximize My Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

If you’ve been injured at work, you are concerned about the related medical and rehabilitation expenses, as well as the time you may be off work and without an income. To maximize your workers’ compensation settlement, it is just about always a smart move to hire a workers’ compensation attorney. This attorney will have a […]

Do I Need a Lawyer for Work Injury?

When you’ve been hurt at work, your employer is nearly always required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover the treatment of your injuries. Usually, this means that you cannot sue your employer for this. However, there are still many circumstances under which hiring a lawyer would be a sensible thing to do. Whether or […]

Why You Need A Workers’ Comp Lawyer In Minneapolis

The workers’ compensation process is immensely complex and fraught with pitfalls for an unsuspecting applicant/claimant. One wrong move can substantially limit or even compromise benefits/compensation altogether. Simply put, workers’ compensation companies will do whatever they can to limit the amount they pay out to an injured worker. Without an experienced legal advocate, you are essentially trusting the […]

Minneapolis Occupational Disease Attorney

Along with injuries sustained at a single time in the workplace, injuries, afflictions and diseases that accrue over time are also compensable under workers’ compensation. While industrial and construction workers are often the most at risk, due to their proximity/exposure to dangerous substances, any worker can develop occupational diseases under certain conditions. Common occupational illnesses/diseases […]

Minneapolis Workers’ Compensation Attorney

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious on-the-job injury, it is critically important to protect your rights. You may be entitled to significant benefits in the form of workers’ compensation, but one wrong move can prove catastrophic; an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company may take action to do whatever’s possible to limit your […]

Minneapolis Workers’ Compensation Benefits

While medical care for all injuries sustained on the job is covered under workers’ compensation, the amount of benefits for which any given injured worker qualifies varies depending on the case. Along with medical care, workers are to be reimbursed for mileage to all medical appointments. Additionally, benefits are set up to compensate injured workers […]

Workers’ Comp For Repetitive Stress Injuries

In Minnesota, repetitive stress injuries are some of the common types of work-related injuries. These injuries are also some of the hardest to identify. The act of being on your feet all day long, or repetitively lifting light objects eventually result in injury to the back, or legs or shoulders. This is even more the […]

Maximizing Compensation For Nursing Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, on the job nursing injuries are the leading cause of work-related injuries. One in five nurses, nursing assistants and personal care aids is getting hurt at work, often suffering severe and potentially career ending injuries. Getting hurt at work can be extremely frightening. Having an advocate […]

Make Sure Your Neck Injury Claim Is Done Right

Like back injuries, neck injuries can be painful, serious and debilitating. Workers frequently suffer neck injuries through certain movements or by falling. Particularly workers involved in assembly lines, warehouses, construction or health care may be susceptible to these injuries. What makes neck injuries unique is that they can have slow and counterintuitive onsets and symptoms […]

Getting Compensation For Workplace Head Injuries

How much can you expect from workers’ compensation for a head injury? Head injuries are among the most challenging types of workers’ compensation claims because there are many different kinds of head injuries and the outcomes can be very different. Recovery can take a long time and doctors may disagree on the severity of the […]