Get financial compensation for your on-the-job injury.

Appeal your denied insurance claim with help from an attorney.

Reinstate your benefits with help from Thill and Freeman.

Pursue financial compensation for your medical expenses.

Choose a Law Firm That Will Fight for Your Rights

Seek out financial compensation with Thill and Freeman in Saint Louis Park & Hennepin County, MN

Filing for workers' compensation is the first step to regaining financial security after a work-related accident. Thill and Freeman PLLC is a trusted law firm based in Saint Louis Park & Hennepin County, MN and can help you with your work injury case. Our attorney services are client-focused, meaning we put your needs at the forefront of every case. We'll protect your rights in court and pursue the best possible outcome for you and your family.

Our law firm can represent you and your case

Choosing a law firm that will represent your best interests is important. Thill and Freeman provides attorney services that will put your needs first. Some of the most common cases we handle include:

Workers' compensation
Denied insurance claims
Discontinued benefits
Medical treatment claims

Whether you need an employee rights attorney to reinstate your benefits or an insurance claim attorney to file for coverage, Thill and Freeman is here to help.

When should you consult with an attorney?

Any on-the-job injuries, physical or mental, qualify under workers’ compensation. An attorney at Thill and Freeman can assist you with cases related to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation covers:

Physical injuries sustained on company property

Physical injuries sustained while completing work-related tasks

Mental injuries related to or caused by your job

If you’ve experienced a work injury, an attorney at Thill and Freeman can assist with your case. Make an appointment with our law firm based in Saint Louis Park & Hennepin County, MN today by calling 952-512-7512. We serve residents throughout the state of Minnesota.