Workers' Compensation Covers A Wide Variety Of Work Injuries

A serious on-the-job injury can be stressful, painful and sometimes overwhelming. In a worst-case scenario, it can change a life. Losing the ability to go to work and earn a regular income is beyond stressful.

But even if your injury seemed comparatively minor, you must file a workers' compensation claim and have your injury checked out by a doctor. Some workers fail to understand their right to compensation and medical treatment and skip reporting. This can be a mistake, as you may not recognize how serious an injury is and this could come back to haunt you. Our attorney at Thill and Freeman, PLLC, can help ensure that this doesn't happen to you and can help you with any elements of your workers' compensation claim.

Reporting Deadlines May Be Very Short

Timely reporting of injuries is necessary to preserve your claim, ensure you receive proper medical treatment and provide you with income replacement if you have to miss any time from your work. In addition, a full medical checkup creates a record of your injuries.

Later in life, workers who fail to report "minor" injuries may find themselves suffering from the cumulative effects of years of injuries, but unable to prove that these were work related. This could cost them the potential for permanent disability benefits from the workers' compensation system and could make a Social Security Disability claim much more difficult.

Injured At Work? We Can Help!

We focus exclusively on workers' compensation and injury law and our attorney has 30 years of knowledge and experience with these cases, and we are always working to protect and maximize your benefits from workplace injuries, including:

30 Years Of Legal Experience

We have three decades of experience representing workers with injuries, including:

  • Factory workers
  • Construction workers
  • Industrial workers
  • Airline workers
  • Municipal workers and safety officers
  • Office/white collar workers

It is important to understand that when it comes to obtaining workers' compensation benefits the interrelation between other benefits, including long-term disability, Social Security Disability and potential third-party claims, can be very complex. We can help you with every step of this complex process.

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